Are You At Risk From Cognitive RSI?

26 Jan, 2024

No one wants to do the same thing over and over again - it's not very exciting and there's a risk of cognitive RSI. Rory Sutherland believes we all ought to relight our marketing fire by finding opportunity in chaos.

Spending 40+ hours a week repeatedly doing the same thing again and again (regardless of whether it works) to the point where cognitive RSI, (ok, I made up that condition!), is a genuine occupational health hazard is probably not why you got into the sales and marketing game. 

Whether you want to find opportunity in the chaos, understand what’s really driving the behaviour of your customers + the effectiveness of your marketing, accelerate productivity across your teams, learn how to think with a disruptive mindset, or optimise your investments, campaigns and strategy using creativity and behavioural science, you’ll find the themes of the course beneficial to both your business and career. 


We’ve already helped 1000+ inquisitive marketers, sales leaders, founders and b2b folk to re-think their challenges, put a new lens on the world and unlock growth through a genuinely unique recipe of on-demand lectures, live virtual seminars and in-person engagement you just don’t find in other courses.

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Vice-chair, Ogilvy, Co-founder, MAD//Fest London

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